Buying or Selling in EurekaEureka is the commercial and governmental hub of Humboldt County.  Located on Humboldt Bay, Old Town Eureka is a great place to visit to peruse it’s Victorian architecture enjoy a great meal at any of several excellent restaurants or take a ride in a horse drawn carriage. 

One of the greatest draws to Eureka and coastal Humboldt County is the mild weather.  Because of the consistancy of the oceans temperature it serves as a cooler in the summer and a heater in the winter.  Average temperatures range from the low 40’s to high 60’s most of the year.  That is a welcome change to the 100 degree plus temperatures’ borne by our neighbors to the east and south.   But don’t worry, it you need your hot fix, eastern Humboldt County provides snow covered mountains and rivers to cool off in the hot inland temperatures.

There are many great neighborhoods in Eureka.   The Henderson Center area is a great area of restored classic craftsman and Victorian homes.  Cutten is a little further from the cool ocean influence and with newer custom and subdivision homes is a favorite of many. Many of the homes on Humboldt Hill enjoy spectacular views of the bay and ocean with both fine custom homes and more affordable subdivisions. And don’t forget the Grand Old Ladies.  There is no shortage of the elegant Victorians that dot the mid-town areas.

Do you have questions about where to live in Humboldt County?  Call or email me today.  I’m always glad to anyser your questions.

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