When my family and I moved to Humboldt County in 2004, Hydesviille was one the two areas where we were most interested in looking for homes. The reason was that it had one of the towns with the highest average temperatures while staying within the ocean influence area and not experiencing the blistering heat of areas further inland.  Hydesville is an area where the old is being overtaken by the new.  Many newer mini-ranches with beautiful homes are springing up in this small one-time mill housing town. 

Hwy 36 the main route to the vacation areas of Ruth Lake and an alternative route to the central valley makes up the main roadway through the town.  A word of WARNING though.  When it gets hot in the hills the cooler ocean air rushes up the Van Duzen River valley and causes a fairly strong, consistent wind.  Make sure you look for protected property.  

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